October 29, 2018

Conference Aims

At the Free Church Youth Conference we have a unified aim and a number of goals which you can read below.

“To have our delegates rooted and built up in the gospel of Jesus Christ and strengthened in their faith”

Conference Goals

  • To provide high quality, understandable, gospel-centred teaching to encourage, build-up and challenge delegates
  • To foster a culture of fellowship, accountability and community by encouraging new meaningful friendships, the strengthening of old ones, and particularly facilitating interaction between new and more mature believers
  • To highlight opportunities to serve the Lord across the delegates varying circumstances; local, regional and global.
  • To provide time to rest, reflect and have fun alongside a busy weekend programme
  • To make praise and prayer a top priority across the weekend, collectively and individually
  • To facilitate access to excellent Christian resources across a diverse range of topics that will help deepen faith and theological understanding
  • To warmly welcome any non-believers in attendance while presenting the message of the gospel clearly